I am learning to:
  • Write numbers correctly
Success Criteria
  • My numbers will be the right shape
  • My numbers will face the right way
  • My numbers will sit on the lines

Student Comment
I practise writing my numbers at Must Do time.

Writing & Peer Feedback

We are learning to:
  • listen to and think about feedback on our writing.
  • give feedback to other people about their writing.
Success Criteria

  • Listen carefully
  • Improve my writing
  • Be a good writing buddy by being honest and respectful


Buddy Reading with Room 13

My Self Portrait

Easy Blog Photo

Physical Education Term 2

Learning Intention
We are learning to send objects accurately.

Success Criteria
Throw the ball underarm towards the target
Step forward with my opposite foot
Follow through towards the target

Student Comment
I see me throwing the beanbag. I think the bean bag will go in the hoop.