Reading term 3

We are learning to: make sure what I read looks right 

Success criteria: I can self correct my reading 
Comment: we are learning to sound out words we do not know.

Term 3 Measurement
We are learning to: measure using non-standard units
Success criteria: I can measure a soft toy using blocks

Pet day

Humpty dumpty sat on the wall

We have been learning about nursery rhymes

This was one of the children's favourite ones. We made a wall out of blocks and role played the rhyme.

Sharing our reading success


Our Bee Movie - Room 16 Bee-ing Awesome
Term 3

For our Inquiry

We are learning to: ask questions to find out more information about bees.
Success Criteria: I can find the answers to my questions

We started by finding out what we knew about bees, asked lots of questions. And then we answered them.

We even made a video of our learning.

The main idea to this movie was:

Be kind to Bees. We wanted to create a video that showed our community that New Zealand honey bees are really important and that we should protect and care for them. Our video showcases our whole inquiry, from the beginning to the end. It shows the children’s initial anger toward bees and how this changed to them loving and respecting them at the end. It has the cute factor and shows the fun learning we do in the Reception class at Oaklands School. Enjoy :-)

Our Bee Movie